Our Vision

At TEKNOVA we strive to increase Australian manufacturers'​ competitiveness both in local and international markets by providing them with innovative and advanced metal cutting solutions. 

Our Capabilities

Thanks to our team's in-depth industry experience and our association with some of the world’s most reputable brands in metal cutting space, our customers can always make sure they receive the highest level of support and best fit solutions to enable them to run their operations efficiently. 


We offer Tool  Management software(TDM) and MES/OEE software (FORCAM) to help increase production asset utilisation, mitigate waste and reduce component manufacture cost. Moreover, we provide tool presetting machines and precision tooling solutions through KELCH to maximise machining productivity. 

Last but not least we offer smart factory consultancy and project management services to integrate your existing production assets or to completely redesign your manufacturing system landscape.

Your Benefits

Our solutions can seamlessly integrate the shop floor and top floor resources such as CNC machines, cutting tools, tool matrixes/cribs, tool presetters, CAM softwares and ERP systems in order to help you;

  • Increase CNC machine uptime and performance
  • Reduce and optimise cutting tool consumption
  • Reduce cost per part
  • Optimise tool inventory control and ordering
  • Optimise job scheduling and capacity planning
  • Increase CAM efficiency
  • Increase operator efficiency
  • Reduce process waste
  • Shorten design to manufacture lead time

If you're in metal cutting business, Teknova certainly has rewarding solutions for you. 

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