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FORCAM MES / OEE software

FORCAM delivers the industry standard for smart manufacturing and FORCAM FORCE™ is the world’s first turnkey, open and manufacturer-independent OEE and machine monitoring software connecting shop floor to top floor. Over 100,000 manufacturing assets worldwide are connected using FORCAM across customers such as Audi, BMW, BAE Systems, GKN Aerospace, KUKA Robots, WEIR Minerals and many others. 

One of the key functionalities of this platform is to do machine monitoring and performance tracking (OEE). However this platform can be extended to other parts of manufacturing operations such as production planning and assembly shops to digitize the entire manufacturing value chain. Hence FORCAM is also an MES or in other words a comprehensive shop/operations management software. Some key modules/functions of FORCAM are as per below:

  • Machine performance monitoring (OEE); where you can connect to CNC machine controls and other type machinery PLCs and extract important data such as cycle times, setup times, downtimes, reasons for downtimes, error code mapping, work orders raised versus closed, percentage of quality parts made, percentage of scrap/rework and etc.

  • Dynamic production scheduling; where you can do resource based job planning. In other words based on machine utilisation, operating states, machine capabilities, operator skill you can do scenario planning. This tool can also highlight bottlenecks and even work centres that are underutilised. 
  • Document control; a single place to manage all manufacturing data set including, NC programs, setup sheets, tool list, drawings, 3d models, work instructions in one place and revision control them.
  • Track and trace; you can tag all manufacturing process data to a particular component/assembly and go back years into your records and retrieve the manufacturing data set/documentation used to manufacture that component.
  • Energy management; helping you monitor energy consumption on asset level and during various periods throughout the year. 

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Connecting shop floor to top floor


Compatible to all PLCs


The overall benefits of FORCAM

Increased machine uptime and availability

Improved order efficiency and DIFOT

Improved shop scheduling and capacity planning

Reduced process waste and leaner production

Quicker returns on investments

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