KELCH Products

KELCH Tool Presetters

Measuring cutting tools offline with Kelch presetting machines will save your company significant amount of time and resources. 

Firstly, measuring offline means you can let your machine spindle run while next tools are being measured. Now compare this with in process tool measuring devices which will add to machine non-productive time every time a tool is measured.

Plus with a tool presetter you can check tool run-outs which will again have a great impact on maximum speeds you can apply and also tool life. In other words, productivity will increase by using a tool presetter.

Last but not least, tool presetters maintain their accuracy better than in process devices due to the fact that they are not inside machines's hostile environment and no chance of crashes. 

KELCH Shrink Fit Machines

For high accuracy and high speed applications where tool run-out is critical Kelch shrink fit machines are the solution. Kelch modular i-tec series can shrink fit tools from 3 to 32mm.  

KELCH Tool Adaptors

For optimum machining results it is not only necessary to have efficient machinery and tools but also the corresponding interface. In this area KELCH offers innovative solutions which guarantee the highest precision and stability. The range includes:


  • Shrink Fit and Hydraulic Adaptors 
  • ER Collect chucks and Tapping Chucks 
  • Shell Milling Arbors 
  • Turning Tool Holders 
  • SK/HSK to Capto Adaptors

KELCH Workshop Logistics

Our solutions in the workshop logistics area make sure that the right tool will be available at the right place and at the right time. You name it: all-purpose tool carriers, transport and storage trolleys or work-shop equipment – KELCH products get your production moving and bring order to your tools. 

KELCH Measuring Equipment

We offer a wide range of products for production- related measuring and testing technology, so that the desired quality targets can be met. The KELCH production program ranges from manual dial indicators and callipers, gauges for the measurement of HSK tools and spindle tapers up to our electronic pull-back power measuring device for machine tool spindles, called ”SAFECONTROL“. 

KELCH KENOVA set line V9xx-S

High-end tool presetter with integrated induction coil for automatic shrinking with length adjustment.

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