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KELCH Tool Presetter Machines

Teknova offers KELCH tool presetter machines to help customer improve CNC machining efficiency. Measuring cutting tools offline with presetting machines will save your company significant amount of time and resources. Firstly, measuring offline means you can let your machine spindle run while next tools are being measured. Now compare this with in process tool measuring devices which will add to machine non-productive time every time a tool is measured. 

Plus with a tool presetter you can check tool run-outs which will again have a great impact on maximum speeds you can apply and also tool life. In other words, productivity will increase by using a tool presetter. Last but not least, tool presetters maintain their accuracy better than in process devices due to the fact that they are not inside machines’s hostile environment and no chance of crashing into them.

A complete presetter range

Whether you’re a small shop with a tight budget or a large CNC shop, we have tool presetting solutions for you. Kelch has a big range of various tool presetters that can cater every CNC shop’s requirements. This includes entry level manual presetters all the way up to fully CNC controlled axes. We can also enable DNC mode on the presetter to transfer tool offset data once measurements are carried out. This saves you significant amount of time and effort plus avoiding human errors and machine crashes.

Let's see V9 series in action

The overall benefits of KELCH

Preset tools offline and let spindles run

Maximised tool life and machining productivity

Avoid machine crashes

Saving money and time

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