"TDM today is indispensable in our daily operations for effectively managing our entire tool life cycle" says Markus Frank, GROB's Production Manager"

Join us on this short article about TDM case study at GROB WERKE.

GROB is a world-renowned CNC milling machine manufacturer headquartered in Mindelheim, Germany founded in 1926. They are a proud TDM customer who started off their collaboration with TDM back in 1998. At that time they started with TDM base module to better organise their tool inventory. However, over the years they added more functions and modules to their TDM package and integrated more facets of their manufacturing operations to gain more productivity. They have been able to achieve 35% productivity improvement and significantly reduce their working capital and tool inventories.


GROB has 3 other manufacturing plants in Bluffton (USA), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Dalian (China) and therefore ability to access tool data across plants is important. Thanks to TDMmultiplant module they can do part prove-outs in their plant in Mindelheim and easily transfer product manufacture know how to their subsidiaries across the globe making sure that their components will be made according to same quality and specs as in their German plant. To put this better into perspective, GROB has more than 25,000 tool assemblies and 20,000 tool items to manage across all plants.


GROB’s tool life cycle management architecture is quite advanced and is a good example of a smart manufacturing environment maximising resource utilisation and productivity as well as mitigating process waste. This is how a typical day starts at GROB; CAM engineer via TDM CAM interface (GROB uses Siemens NX and TopSolid) accesses TDM database and imports required tool assemblies to generate tool path. Then he/she will issue a production order for the component based on number of criteria including tool availability on work centres. Thanks to TDMshopcontrol module, the operator can easily see what tools within required tool list are already available in machine magazine / turret and what tools need being assembled. The next step for operator is to find required tools for assembly which is an easy task using TDMstoreeasy module that connects tool matrixes and cribs to TDM database. Now it’s time to measure tools. With TDM interface to tool presetters, the operator can measure tools ,according to the specifications set by CAM engineer, quite easily and then tool offsets can also be transferred to machine controls eliminating the risk of machine crashes. TDM is indispensable at GROB

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