TDM success story – TORNOS

Tornos‘ experience with TDM products goes back to 1996, when the first generation of TDM‘s tool management software was introduced.

In this article we will review TDM success story at TORNOS, the world renown machine tool builder.

Tornos, the TDM user

Headquartered in Moutier, Tornos is a Swiss machine tool manufacturer making specialist turning machines.Customers of Tornos are from many industries such as precision engineering ,medical, watch-making and aerospace. Tornos currently employs around 450 members of staff in Switzerland and a further 150 members of staff worldwide.

Tornos‘ experience with TDM products goes back to 1996, when the first generation of TDM‘s tool management software was introduced. The company‘s plant in Moutier, Switzerland, primarily makes complex machine parts and with the exception of smaller supply parts, the company makes everything itself, including spindles, machine beds, and large components. Nevertheless, production processes must be cost effective.

Smooth-running tool circulation

TDM tool management software

There was a time at Tornos when operators had to get their data from all sorts of sources. Now, in contrast, the data are centrally stored in the TDM Database, available to all users in real time – from tool matrixes and carousel all the way to NC programming.

Around 900 to 1200 tool assemblies are permanently located at any time in the three production lines at Tornos. The number may change depending on incoming orders, but the magazines are always fully loaded. Depending on the individual production order, some tools remain at machine. In addition, another 400 frequently used tools are always ready, fully assembled and measured inside the tool cribs. That is another way of saving valuable time, a precious commodity at Tornos due to the company‘s full order books.  

Tooling information transparency and resource-based job scheduling

At Tornos it all begins with the production order, which comes from a SAP ERP software system. Then TDMshopcontrol reviews the tool list for that particular job and highlights what tool assemblies within the tool list are already available inside various machine magazines. In other words, TDMshopcontrol gives a list of tools that aren’t inside the machine and need assembling and presetting. 

Another benefit of such tool information across Tornos plant is the flexibility it provides for job scheduling meaning that shop supervisors can plan a part on a workcenter that needs less number of tools to be prepared. This is resource-based job scheduling.

With TDMshopcontrol, the entire circulation of tools throughout the plant becomes transparent. Operators at Tornos know at every moment where tools are located, whether they’re in use at one of the production lines or they’re in presetting, in dismantling or in the tool carousel.

Using TDMshopcontrol Tornos has achieved 50% time savings on preparing tools along with reducing tool related machine downtimes by 90%. Needles to say that these benefits are only on the shop floor level and from tool circulation viewpoint. TDM also has significantly improved resource efficiency at Tornos with interfaces to CAM systems and tool presetters. 

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