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TDM tool management software

In today’s modern production, the data flow of cutting tools is becoming increasingly important. Cutting tools need to be on the right machine at the right time. To ensure that this process runs smoothly, all involved systems in planning and on the shopfloor must communicate with one another. A uniform database for tools is an indispensable prerequisite here. The solution is TDM tool management software.

The TDM software developed by TDM Systems help you organize and integrate tool data in all phases of planning and production. They represent the link between ERP, PLM, and MES. Firstly, they record the master data in a central database. TDM creates tool items and tool assemblies, including 2D drawings and 3D graphics, available for CAM and simulation systems. Secondly, the software physically organizes tool circulation at shopfloor level. It thereby establishes the necessary transparency regarding tool inventories, as well as the condition and current location of tools. This is the only way to secure optimum demand planning and reduce costs.

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TDM is modular and scale-able

You can just select the module that best suits your shop requirements and add extra features in future when your business needs change or when you scale operations. A good starting point (foundation) is TDM base module.

tdm base module

Base Module

Advanced tool library to manage tool items and assemblies, generate tool lists per operation, manage vendors, run where-used queries,etc

TDM CAM interfaces

CAM Interfaces

Interface to more than 18 CAM softwares to import accurate tool data/geometry and to export tool lists back to TDM

TDM tool presetter interface

Presetter Interfaces

Measure tools on presetting machines based on TDM tool data and transfer tool offset data straight from presetters to machine controls


Cabinet Interfaces

Integrate with existing tool cabinets to view tool inventory information, monitor tool usage and costs per cost center/job/shifts and etc

TDM Machine tool manager

Machine Interfaces

Integrate with machine controls to monitor tool status, tool life and run magazine queries and generate tool assembly/disassembly lists

tdm mes interface

MES Interfaces

Integrate your MES to TDM to determine which tools are available and which have to be prepared for next production order(s)

order walter cutting tools

Ordering Module

Seamlessly order the tools you require. The module is versatile and offers consumption-based order management in the tool crib

TDM tool design module

Tool Designer

The TDM 3D-Designer offers a modular system with the functions you need to create solid step drills, end mills and form tools

The overall benefits of TDM

Tool related machine downtimes REDUCED by
Resource efficiency INCREASED by
Tool inventories REDUCED by
Tool costs REDUCED by
Cost per piece REDUCED by

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