TDM Tool Management Software

TDM software helps you create the digital twin for your cutting tools within your entire metal cutting operations.  In TDM, tool items across various tool suppliers can be easily created and put together as tool assemblies. The tool assembly information (2D & 3D) and tool lists can also be accessed by shop floor and engineering staff. Moreover, TDM can interface with CAM systems, tool cabinets/cribs, CNC machines and tool presetters. 

Thanks to TDM modular design customers can select the functionalities they need and most benefit from.

Some overall benefits of TDM software are as below:


  • 25% increase in productivity
  • 20-30% reduction in tool consumption
  • 10% reduction in cost per piece
  • 30% reduction in tool stock
  • 30% reduction of machine setup time
  • 90% reduction of tool related machine downtime
  • 20% increase in manufacturing capacity


TDM Next Generation

Watch this video on how TDM can effectively manage the entire tool life cycle within metal cutting operations. 

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