Why to invest in Tool Management Software?

"For the same reason you would invest buying a multitasking machine with a second turret or for the same reason you would add a pallet changer to the spec of your horizontal milling machine. The short answer is Productivity. "
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We’re often asked by our customers what are the benefits for which they need to invest in a tool management software. This post briefly explains the concept behind it.

Let’s start with every day challenges when it comes to using cutting tools. How much time’s spent on average by machinists working out the right tool for the right machining operations and workpiece material? How time consuming is it to go through each and every tool manufacturer catalogue to find similar tools across vendors? How easy is that to work out how compatible a certain tool item is with existing tool adaptors? How would you know which tool components and assemblies are already available on the shop floor and where? How easy can you access right speeds and feeds for a certain tool when doing your CAM programming? How do you make sure the tool used in NC programming is the same tool actually used in the machine? How time consuming is it for operators to find out which tools are required to make their parts? How CAM engineers communicate the right tool standouts and tool measurement criteria? How do you measure tools? Do you enter tool offsets into machine control manually? How many times your operators have entered it wrong and you’ve had serious machine crashes? How costly is a machine crash? Do you have a high working capital or in other words large inventory of tools because simply you don’t have visibility on your tool stock? You should ask yourself what is the monetary value of not having an efficient tool life cycle.

We at Teknova have solutions that can solve all aforementioned problems. We have partnered with TDM Systems to help our metal cutting clients in Australia to stay ahead of competition in both local and international markets. More interestingly, our solutions are modular meaning that you can always get the functionality you just need and have the opportunity to build on that going forward.

Our solutions can seamlessly integrate your CNC machining resources such as cutting tools, tool matrixes/cribs, CAM softwares, CNC machines and tool presetters in order to help you;

  • Increase CNC machine uptime and performance
  • Maximise tool potential (correct speeds and feeds)
  • Reduce cost per part
  • Optimise tool inventory control and ordering
  • Optimise cutting tool consumption
  • Optimise job scheduling and capacity planning
  • Increase CAM efficiency
  • Increase operator efficiency
  • Reduce process waste
  • Shorten design to manufacture lead time

TEKNOVA is the official sales and aftersales agent of TDM Systems GmbH and we can implement TDM tool management software within your metalcutting operations to help increase machining productivity and maximise tool potential. 

Visit our website to find out more about our TDM modules and features.

We’re interested to have your feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts with us here! 

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